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Debt has a way of sneaking up on people, and credit card debt may be the sneakiest of all debts. Unlike medical debts that are often the result of once traumatic incident, credit card debts often build up over time in smaller increments. Expenses placed on a credit card such as auto repairs and household needs can quickly add up due to high interest rates, leaving people deep in debt with seemingly no end in sight.

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Your Options For Alleviating Your Credit Card Debt

Chances are you have heard the expression "dead treadmill." What this refers to is the fact that if you are deep in credit card debt, you can continue to make the minimum payment and effectively get nowhere. In fact, it could take you more than a decade to pay off your credit card bills. During that long stretch of time you will continue to have damaged credit.

By filing bankruptcy — Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 depending on your circumstances and income — you can discharge your credit card debt while putting a stop to debt collections, creditor harassment, wage garnishment and the threat of repossession.

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