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The situation facing many Texans when it comes to health care is heartbreaking. Medical bills for needed procedures and treatments can pile up very quickly, leaving families struggling to get out of debt. If this sounds familiar to you, a knowledgeable lawyer from Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., can help you explore your debt relief options.

At our firm in Fort Worth, we represent Texas families who bear the burden of medical debt, seeking solutions that restore order to their finances and provide them with a second chance. To learn more about your options for achieving a fresh start, call us today at 817-900-3875.

Hospital Bills And Bankruptcy

Medical bills are unsecured debts that are dischargeable through bankruptcy. But is bankruptcy the right option for you and your family?

For many, bankruptcy is the most effective and efficient way to eliminate debt while simultaneously putting a stop to creditor harassment, wage garnishment and other debt-related issues. Our attorneys will review your situation and tailor a solution based on your needs.

Depending on your income and other factors, we will make a recommendation that represents your best option. This may be filing Chapter 7, filing Chapter 13 or not filing for bankruptcy at all.

"Won't bankruptcy hurt my credit?" This is a common question we receive. Chances are if you are struggling financially to the point where you are considering bankruptcy, your credit has already been severely damaged. Once a bankruptcy is finalized you will have a chance to rehabilitate your credit much more swiftly than you can by slowly paying off medical bills.

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