Fathers' Rights Attorney In Fort Worth, Texas

Child custody and visitation is a primary concern for fathers as they approach divorce. In the past, many fathers were left on the outside looking in when it came time to determine custody schedules and parental access. Times have changed and it is important for fathers to realize that they do have rights and that shared parenting is the norm. An experienced fathers' rights attorney can make sure that a father is aware of his rights and prepared for the process ahead.

At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., our primary interest is in making sure that the eventual outcome in any custody case is best for the children. This includes making sure that fathers have a presence in their child's life — physically, emotionally and financially.

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Protecting Visitation Rights for Fathers

It is truly unfortunate that many fathers assume they will not get a fair shake. This leads many men to make the decision to forego legal counsel during their divorce. Without having a lawyer on their side they are vulnerable to making seemingly small mistakes during the divorce process that can have a lasting impact on their parental rights.

We make sure our clients are aware of their rights and understand all of their options for maximizing custody and visitation. Our many years of combined experience in child custody positions us efficiently to resolve cases in a way that works best for our clients and their children.

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