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The issue of grandparents' rights is one of the most complex and unsettled issues in Texas family law. While it is understood that grandparents can have a tremendous impact on the lives of children, they do not have specific rights to spend time with their grandchildren. However, grandparents who have reason to be concerned for the safety of their grandchildren can pursue custody in certain situations.

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When Do Grandparents Have Custody Rights?

Grandparents' rights in Texas are limited to situations where a child's health or well-being is threatened. Examples include situations where a parent is incarcerated, abusing drugs or alcohol, or is being abusive to the children. Even in these difficult situations for children, it can be difficult for grandparents to gain custody.

Litigation resulting from grandparents seeking custody is among the most complex forms of family law litigation in Texas today, and the statutes are often not in favor of grandparents. This is an area our firm understands well and has excelled in throughout our many years of practice.

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