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Few situations generate as much potential for disagreement and acrimony as when a parent decides to relocate with children of whom he or she has custody. At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., we are dedicated to providing experienced legal guidance to our clients during these and other highly contentious family and divorce-related disputes, no matter which side of the dispute they are on.

"Move-Aways": Child Custody And Relocation In Texas

Typically, a parent who is awarded primary physical custody of children during a divorce in Texas can move into any county adjacent to the one in which the divorce was finalized (or anywhere within the same county). If a custodial parent seeks to relocate out of this area, or leave Texas entirely, he or she must obtain a court's approval to do so.

Courts take these cases seriously because they can substantially interfere with not only the children's well-being but also the noncustodial parent's rights. For the same reasons, our attorneys take these cases seriously as well.

Courts will look at several factors when determining whether to allow a custodial parent to relocate out of a pre-approved area. Questions a court will ask include:

  • Why is the parent moving? Is it to be closer to an ill family member, or is it to prevent the noncustodial parent from seeing his or her children? If the parent is moving for a new job opportunity, is it a necessary move?
  • How will the children be affected? Are there legitimate reasons to avoid uprooting a child from his or her current home and community? Will separation from the noncustodial parent result in serious emotional harm?

Whether you are seeking permission to move away or wish to keep your children in the Metroplex, our child custody attorneys will ensure that the court has all the information — and the facts in your favor — to reach a fair decision. Our goal is always to do what is best for you and your children.

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