Probate Lawyer In Fort Worth

Losing a cherished family member can be difficult for anyone. But if you are the administrator of an estate you have an additional set of legal issues and other responsibilities to deal with. With so much at stake in your family, it is in your best interest to have an experienced attorney guiding you through the estate administration process.

At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., we provide skilled, compassionate representation to Texas families. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

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Guidance For The Probate Administration Process

We commonly have people come to our firm and ask "what is probate?" People are often intimidated by probate and unsure of their responsibilities. Our attorneys provide our clients with the information they need to protect the legacy of their loved ones and serve the interests of heirs.

During the probate process, the court oversees the administration of a deceased person's estate. This goes beyond distributing assets. This includes important legal duties such as making sure that taxes have been paid and debts have been settled. If a will is present, assets will be distributed. If there is no will, assets will be distributed according to the Texas laws that govern succession.

We have the experience in these complex matters to successfully handle these matters, often without the need for a full probate proceeding. If there is a disagreement involving the person's estate, we can be relied upon to protect your interests in contested probate litigation.

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