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September 2013 Archives

Services now offered in Texas for child custody support

Deciding child custody after a divorce can be a difficult decision for both parents, depending on their unique family situation. If primary custody is awarded to one party, often time the other parent will be responsible for child support payments to assist in the financial responsibility. Services now offered in Texas for child custody support may assist families in many ways after a divorce, including education and child support.

Do-it-yourself divorce can have negative outcome

When considering filing for divorce, many Texas couples look for ways to lower the cost of ending their marriage. For some, do-it--yourself options such as document templates or self-help books seem like attractive choices. However, it is important to realize that divorce is a legal process, and one that requires careful and informed attention to detail. Many who try to complete their divorce on their own find that the eventual cost far exceeds that of hiring a qualified divorce attorney to handle the matter.

Spousal support after divorce based on multiple factors in Texas

When a married couple has been together for several years, facing the reality of a failing marriage and an inevitable divorce can cause grief. Feeling anxious about the emotional split-up can be taxing, but so can feeling apprehensive about what will happen to one's money at the end of a divorce proceeding. This is especially the case when two individuals are fighting over spousal support in Texas.

Financial preparation is important before a divorce in Texas

Most people spend a significant amount of time planning for their weddings and honeymoons. However, when their marriage is on the rocks most people in Texas will not take the time to thoroughly plan for their divorce. Although it is probably not the first thing couples think about when marrying, if a spouse realizes a marriage is about to end in divorce he or she would be wise to prepare financially.