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December 2013 Archives

In high asset divorce cases, more men receiving alimony

When a Texas couple decides to have children, there is often a discussion surrounding which partner will set aside their career path to raise the child and manage the household. In doing so, the person who stays home is trading one set of goals for another, and is placing a priority on ensuring that the nurturing needs of the family are met in addition to the financial ones. However, when wealthy families end up in a high asset divorce, that individual deserves to be compensated for the loss of earnings potential that resulted from choice.

Texas parents can face international child custody challenges

When Texas parents divorce, their top concern is usually the care and custody of their children. In fact, many family law attorneys feel that child custody is among the most highly contentious forms of law. Things can become heated very quickly when parents struggle over custody matters, even when all parties reside within the same state. When one parent lives or relocates to another country, the legalities of child custody can become incredibly complicated.

Divorce leads to unusual pet custody hearing

For Texas spouses who are considering divorce, a common question involves what will happen to the family pets, should the marriage end. While this consideration is not always the top priority within a divorce proceeding, it does become a central issue for some spouses. One highly unusual case has led to a scheduled hearing for the sole purpose of determining pet "custody" between one set of divorcing spouses.

How infidelity factors into the decision to file for divorce

Adultery is one of the most difficult experiences to overcome, regardless of whether a Texas couple is married or just dating. For those who are married, cheating can lead to a decision to file for divorce. Some spouses are able to work through infidelity issues, and a recent study suggests that certain individuals may be more willing to forgive an indiscretion on the part of their spouse.