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February 2014 Archives

Considering divorce? Exhaust all available options first

When a spouse is thinking about ending their marriage, it is important to take the time to delve into the reasons behind such thoughts. Divorce is one of the most significant life events that a person can go through, and it is a step that should never be taken lightly. In many cases, Texas spouses can benefit from working with a therapist, either alone or with their partner, to decide how to move forward when there are marital problems at play.

Could you use a Texas divorce planner?

During the course of a Texas divorce, each spouse will encounter a long list of items that require their attention. This list will be different for everyone, and will reflect the needs of each individual as they transition from married to single. Managing this to-do list can be a challenge, however, as a spouse works to address all of the other needs that accompany a divorce. In many ways, the process could be aided by using a professional divorce planner.

Details are essential within property division process

The process of dividing marital wealth within a Texas divorce can be tedious. Few relish the thought of delving into the minute details of their financial standing, then negotiating the division of those assets. However, this is one of the most important areas of divorce, and must be given careful consideration. Property division outcomes will have lasting financial effects, and in order to achieve a favorable outcome, it is necessary to pay close attention to the details within the settlement.

How to choose a Texas divorce attorney

At the end of a marriage, many Texas spouses wish that they had made a different decision when they chose their partner. At the end of a divorce, some wish that they had chosen a different attorney. While the relationship between an attorney and client is far less lengthy or involved than the one between a husband and wife, choosing an attorney can have significant long-term ramifications, both positive or negative.