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April 2014 Archives

Even the best made custody arrangement might need modification

Co-parenting is a word that seems to have become more popular these days, but what it describes isn’t all that new. A lot of separated parents, whether by divorce or never marrying at all, find a way to work together so that their kids are happy and healthy. This includes extra-curricular activities, and scheduling is often complex.

Could divorce laws change how you pay off debts in Texas?

Students have been racking up loan debt at an exponential pace over the past decade or so. In the year 2011, the total student loan debt balance for those under the age of 30 reached past $300 billion. It took one more year for those in the age range 30 to 39 to reach above that $300 billion threshold, but that age group hit in 2012 and the under 30 stayed above the line that same year.

Does a high-asset divorce in Fort Worth have to be contentious?

Media sources make it seem like the more investments a couple has, the bigger the business is that they share together or the larger the real estate acreage, the more contentious a divorce battle is going to be. The truth is that the word “adversarial” in adversarial divorce doesn’t mean that couples are required to fight until one party has won.

Docket of divorce cases transferred after Texas judge resigns

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made during a divorce. These decisions include property division, spousal support or custody arrangements. In a high-asset divorce, these decisions involve much more than who gets the car or the SUV. Decisions may need to be made concerning how to value a business and then actually valuing it, and much more.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but who gets the ring?

Relationships end for a variety of reasons. In some cases, there is a definable moment in which the pair realizes it is over and in others they simply grow apart. Property division is essentially a part of any separation in Dallas, whether it is the simple return of a boyfriend's sweatshirt or the complex division of a house, a car, retirement accounts and other assets in a divorce.