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May 2014 Archives

How does a marital estate add up in the real world?

In our prior post, we discussed the importance of documentation in the determination of a martial estate for the purposes of property division during a divorce. Understanding what assets are included isn’t the only part of the process. The other side of determining the marital estate is to understand the assets themselves.

Information is important in determining marital estate

There are a lot of factors that can make one divorce more complicated than another, and money is certainly one of them. It is not just the total dollar amount of assets in a high net worth divorce that makes hiring an experienced Fort Worth attorney who looks out for your individual interests such an important step in the process.

Fewer Texans would divorce with a ban on whole milk...wait, what?

Statistics are often used to describe a number of trends, common occurrences and reasons why this or that might happen. Statistics are extremely common in divorce conversations, and in some cases they might be very informative, but that isn't always the case. A great attorney knows that each family in North Texas is unique and each divorce requires a personal approach based on a case by case basis.

Asset's price tag isn't the only factor to consider in divorce

During a divorce in Texas, the couple’s assets must be divided. Those that are determined to be separate property of one spouse will go with that spouse, but what about the community property acquired during the marriage? A big step in the process of dividing assets is determining value, but current monetary or market value isn’t the only factor that should be considered.

Unpaid child support increases 30 percent in 4 years in Texas

There are many reasons why a child support obligation may go unpaid, but the truth is that it is still a big issue across the United States and in Texas. A recent report in the Valley Morning Star relayed the hard data from the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement surrounding this issue.

I divorce, you divorce, we all...or at least 75% of us divorce

Contagious is a word that might be most often used to describe the spread of disease, whether it is bacterial, viral, airborne or one simply spread through contact. While this is certainly a very accurate use of the word, it also applies to anything that can affect others by spreading from one person to another.

Texas parents learn about child support rights and obligations

Have you ever heard the phrase “knowledge is power”? It is a phrase that many of our readers are probably familiar with, and it certainly applies to Texas family law issues. Information helps us make better decisions, respond to requests, live up to expectations and can even take the fear out of many situations.