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June 2014 Archives

Pets become new focus in some divorces

For Texas couples going through a divorce, it is no secret that property division and other aspects of the divorce process can become heated and emotionally charged. Child custody may well be the most infamously difficult facet of divorce, but sometimes battles over animals become charged as well. Though some people argue over custody of animals with as much fervor as they would for custody of a child, the law recognizes animals as only part of property division, just like cars and other assets.

Debt and divorce can go hand in hand for some Texas couples

There is no doubt that financial issues can lead to the breakdown of a marriage for many couples. Some studies have found that financial disagreements could even increase the chances of filling for divorce by 30 percent over couples who do not fight about money. We can be honest here; most financial arguments aren't over having too much money.

FOMOA: fear of missing out on alimony preventing remarriage?

Sports fans across Texas have probably seen the commercials about FOMO or "fear of missing out" on watching the Dallas Stars or the Mavericks take on their opponents due to family events that cannot be avoided. Are sports the only thing that individuals fear missing out on?

In sickness and in health, can I get some insurance for that?

If one thing is absolutely true, it is probably the idea that life doesn’t always go as we had planned. Things unexpectedly happen, and while we cannot control everything that occurs, we can purchase insurance to help cover some situations, provide relief for the expenses that we incur.