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July 2014 Archives

Understanding alimony in Texas

Texas residents involved in a divorce proceeding are often surprised by how complicated the process is regarding spousal support, or alimony. The two types of alimony in Texas are spousal maintenance payments, which are ordered by the court, and contractual alimony. Laws regarding spousal maintenance were first enacted in 1995. In order to quality for maintenance, courts considered the ability to make payments, the needs of the spouse requesting payments, any disabilities affecting the spouse or children, the length of the marriage and if domestic violence was evident during the marriage.

Facebook's role in divorce and child custody

Does using Facebook make you more likely to divorce? Recent research suggests it may. According to a study published recently in Computers and Human Behavior, people who identify as heavy social-media users are twice as likely as non-users to consider leaving their spouses.

Divorce mediation can help smooth transition for kids

Celebrity couples have been getting a lot of press lately for their amicable breakups. Perhaps the most notable among these couples is actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex-husband Chris Martin, who coined the term "conscious uncoupling." Other celebrities have followed suit, including actor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr, who announced their divorce earlier this year and said they wished to remain amicable for the good of their young son.

In a divorce, pay attention to basic financial calculations

People in Texas who are embarking on a divorce may be having a hard time separating their emotions from the legal proceedings. Many times, individuals will spend more money fighting to keep a particular piece of property than they would have lost if they had simply agreed to a property settlement that they did not consider ideal. In a recent piece, one authority on divorce shared how she shows her clients the financial consequences of each possible course of action to help them see that the numbers may be more telling than their emotions.

Indiana Pacers player involved in child custody lawsuit

Texas parents may be interested in the child custody issues that one professional basketball player is facing. He is arguing that he should have sole custody of the child should a paternity test confirm that he is the child's father.

Father begins jail sentence over child-support payments

A father in Texas who is embroiled in a child support case was taken into custody in June in order to begin a six-month jail sentence. He had allegedly fallen behind on his child support payments and owed more than $3,000. The man showed up to the Harris County civil courthouse to start his sentence.

Understanding child custody laws in cases of rape

In the state of Texas, a woman needs to prove that she was raped, that her child was conceived because of rape and make a formal request to have custody rights for her attacker to be terminated. Unless all of those things are presented to a judge, the father of the child could still sue for child custody and other parental rights.