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Can Texas courts award electronic communication time to parents?

One of the things that is often the main issue in custody/visitation cases is how much time each parent will get to physically be with their child. However, being in the same physical place as their child is not the only way a parent can have meaningful contact with their child. There are all manner of different forms of electronic communication, such as phones, internet videoconferencing and instant messaging, that can allow parents and children to talk to one another when they are not together. Thus, in addition to wanting time in which they are together with their child, another thing a Texas parent who is separated/divorced might be interested in getting is electronic communication time with their child.

Texas child support factors

While Texas courts have guidelines in place for determining child support amounts, there are several factors that are considered. In general, the custodial parent is entitled to receive child support payments from the non-custodial parent to help support the child or children they share.

Property division in Texas divorce cases

In addition to custody and alimony decisions, courts also conduct an equitable division of property as a major component of final divorce orders. Not all property is subject to division, however. There are some categories of property that are considered the separate property of one spouse or the other.

Standard possession orders in Texas

In Texas, a standard possession order is the equivalent of a legal visitation schedule. Also known as an SPO, these orders dictate when a nonresidential parent has the legal right to spend time with the child. Parents have the opportunity to devise a visitation schedule without the court's intervention. However, if the parties cannot agree, then the court generally assigns a standard possession order. This ensures that the child is given adequate, quality time with the nonresidential parent in an impartial manner.

False child abuse allegations in child custody cases

Child custody matters can touch on some very fundamental and emotional issues for parents. Thus, child custody cases have the potential to get quite contentious. Situations sometimes end up arising in which both parents are hurling allegations at each other out of spite or in an attempt to better their position.

Understanding child support in Texas

Parents in Texas may benefit from learning more about the basics of child support orders as described by the state's Office of the Attorney General. According to the OAG, many people are unaware that noncustodial parents can open child support cases by applying online or calling and requesting an application. Afterwards, the child support office will schedule a negotiation conference with the other parent. The case is transferred to the courts if the parents are unable to agree on visitation or child support issues.

Missing Texas girl found in Mexico after 12 years

According to an Oct. 1 statement by the FBI, a missing 17-year-old girl from Texas was rescued from a location near Mexico City and brought back to the U.S. At 11:32 a.m. on Sept. 30, a joint task force moved in on the location where the girl was staying with her 44-year-old mother. The joint task force was comprised of authorities from Mexico and the United States.

Sometimes difficulties arise in forming an agreed parenting plan

One option that divorced or separated parents have when it comes to the issues of child custody and visitation is to reach an agreement which sets the terms for these two issues. Such agreements are referred to as agreed parenting plans. Many divorced/separated couples find agreed parenting plans to be a good way to amicably reach child custody/visitation issue resolutions that are well-suited to the individual circumstances of their family.

Professional licenses sometimes removed over unpaid child support

There are many different methods states can turn to when it comes to trying to get individuals who owe back-due child support to pay up. Some of these methods are rather well-known and are turned to fairly often, while others are used much more sparingly and are ones that many people may not know about. A case came up in another state which illustrates one of the perhaps lesser-known child support enforcement tactics governments sometimes use.