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February 2015 Archives

Astros owner's divorce will not affect team finances

Texas baseball fans might be interested to learn about the divorce settlement that was reached between Houston Astros owner and his former wife. After 21 years of marriage, the couple settled their divorce on Dec. 30. The man reportedly agreed to pay $30 million to to his former partner over a five-year period with 6.5 percent interest.

Reality TV star facing felony charges over delinquent support

Texas residents may be interested in the legal trouble that one television personality is finding himself in after he allegedly failed to make over $1 million in child support payments. Prosecutors are pursuing possible felony charges against him in connection with the delinquent payments.

Community property in Texas divorce cases

People who are divorcing in Texas will normally have all of the property they acquired during their marriage divided equally between them and their former spouses. Texas, as a community property state, has a presumption of equal division of the community property.

Joint credit card accounts and divorce

Married couples in Texas often have shared debt from joint credit cards that they own together. When couples divorce, this credit card debt must be divided just like all of a couple's marital assets. Although an individual may welcome their ex-spouse's agreement to take responsibility for credit card debt, there are some inherent pitfalls in this arrangement.

Conditions that can end or extend child support

Texas parents may have a general understanding that child support obligations end when the child reaches the age of 18. However, in certain situations, child support can end before the age of majority is reached, like when a teenager declares himself or herself emancipated and financially independent of the parents. In other situations, child support may continue beyond the time that the child reaches 18, such as cases in which a child support order contains provisions for college education expenses.

When Texas grandparents may seek custody of grandchildren

Like other states, Texas has laws in place that preserve the rights of grandparents to seek custody of their grandchildren when they are subject to abuse, neglect or other situations where their health or well-being is threatened. There are specific cases where grandparents may seek custody of a grandchild. Even when a child lives in poor conditions, it may be difficult for grandparents to obtain those rights.

Woman claims billionaire ex-husband hid assets

On Jan. 26, the ex-wife of a former Texas billionaire filed a lawsuit claiming that she was not awarded her fair share of the community property in the original divorce settlement. She also sued her ex-husband on Nov. 6 for failing to make the annual $500,000 alimony payments that she was awarded in July 1993. The couple was divorced in 1991 after being married for 13 years.