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March 2015 Archives

Credit bureaus agree to modify medical bill policies

Texas residents may be surprised to learn that around 43 million Americans have medical debt on their credit reports, and about a third of them have otherwise excellent credit. The importance of FICO scores makes removing negative items from a credit report a matter of some importance, but it can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Debt collectors often set medical bills on a credit report before they are sent to consumers, and these bills may continue to negatively affect FICO scores even after they have been paid.

Data suggests mothers less likely to pay child support

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau for 2011, mothers in Texas and elsewhere are statistically less likely to pay child support when they are the noncustodial parent. Contrary to popular belief, 32.1 percent of noncustodial mothers do not pay any child support while only 25 percent of noncustodial fathers do not make the payments. Despite this, in 2011, $14.3 billion in owed child support went unpaid, and $1.7 billion of that amount was owed to custodial fathers.

Marital property includes the work of Texas artists

Painters, sculptors, writers and other artists often regard their artwork as their sole intellectual property. However, the state of Texas may not agree when an artist begins divorce proceedings. The artwork is considered part of the marital estate and must treated one of the estate's assets when beginning the division of property. A spouse may elect to retain certain pieces or to demand equitable exchange of another asset based upon the pieces' value.

High-ticket items in a billionaire's divorce

Although some Texas residents may dream of an opulent lifestyle from time to time, expenses being considered in the divorce case of billionaire Ken Griffin may seem extreme. The spending of Griffin and his ex-wife during the marriage is reported to have been at least $1 million each month for the couple's children. Court filings don't provide a great deal of detail about how this much money was spent, but some areas highlighted include travel in a private jet, vacation needs and staff.