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May 2015 Archives

Mother fights to recover daughter from family in Texas

As most residents of Texas know, one of a parent's greatest fears is the discovery that their child is missing, or that they cannot have access to them for one reason or another. Sadly, it is something that parents across the United States face every year, many of them fighting prolonged battles to regain custody of their children.

Know your rights under the CARD act

Here's the most obvious statement of the decade ? credit card companies make a lot of money. And they do it by charging late fees and interest when their card holders don't pay off their balance every month. But cardholders know what they're getting into so they have no one to blame but themselves, right? Not necessarily. It's no secret that credit card companies engage in some tricky maneuvers to keep you guessing about your APR, due dates and fees.

What alimony records should you keep?

In the course of a divorce, a judge can decide whether the soon-to-be-former spouse will be required to pay spousal support and, if so, how much he or she will have to pay. With the changing dynamic of the working family, alimony payments aren't as prevalent as they were in the past, but they are still used frequently if one spouse gave up a career to raise children or in marriages in which one person earned a substantial amount more.

How divorce affects the health of children

Texas parents who are contemplating a divorce may be interested in a recently-published study that was conducted in Sweden. Researchers looked at a group of children of the ages of 12 and 15 to see if their living arrangements had any bearing on the incidence of psychosomatic illnesses such as nausea and dizziness that may have their root in stress. It has long been suspected that the pressure of a divorce and the alterations in custody arrangements can have deleterious effects on children, from the mental to the physical. The researchers' idea was to compare psychosomatic illnesses against living arrangements and see if any trends developed.