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July 2015 Archives

Hoops star Griner in the middle of contentious alimony dispute

The saga of women's basketball standout Brittney Griner's marriage now has a new chapter. For the uninformed, Griner married fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson and their relationship and marriage has been a tumultuous roller-coaster ride that's played out in the media over the last year. It's included well-publicized arrests for domestic disturbance, suspensions from the WNBA and alleged secret pregnancies.

Should you fight for your home during property division?

When a couple goes through a divorce, one of the biggest points of contention is about who will get to keep the home. In most cases, both sides want it because it represents some stability in their post-divorce world, especially when there are children involved. It's also typically the most expensive single asset and both sides have put blood, sweat and tears into making it a home. Neither one wants to let it go.  It almost becomes a symbol of victory, as if the one who keeps the house has "won" the divorce. Letting go of the memories and emotions that go hand in hand with the house certainly isn't easy, but in some cases, it's the best move.

The pros and cons of virtual visitation

With the meteoric rise of smart phones and high-powered home computers, our world is closer than ever. Thanks to inventions like video conferencing, texting, instant messaging, video mail and email, we can talk to friends and family members like they're in the room, even if they're actually half a world away. Technology penetrates virtually every arena of life, and child custody is no exception. Virtual visitation is a quickly-burgeoning tool for divorcing and divorced parents to be a part of their children's lives on a daily basis, even from a different state or country.

Deciding what's in the best interests of the child

When a couple calls it quits on the marriage, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the issue of child custody. Of course, both parents want what's in the best interests of the child, but they usually disagree on what that actually means. Whether you are sitting down together as a splitting couple and trying to work things out or you're in court battling over these issues, it's important to remember that the children are the victims here. Whatever can be done to ease their transition should be the overarching focus in deciding custody and visitation.

Taking care of yourself throughout the divorce process

Divorce can be of the most stressful and taxing experiences you can possibly go through. It brings up intense emotional feelings like sadness and rage. It forces you to confront terrible realities and it can be a horrendous fight from beginning to end as you work out disputes over child custody, child support, alimony and difficulty of property division. Plus, divorce can seemingly drag on for endless months, long after you're ready to be done with it.