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August 2015 Archives

Contempt of court for back alimony

If your ex-spouse has been ordered to pay alimony to you and refuses, you may have to file a contempt of court petition to get it paid.  Unlike child support, alimony isn't subject to wage garnishment or the other typical types of collection efforts. Forced payment of owed alimony must come from a court order which starts with a contempt of court proceeding.

Getting something you really want

During a divorce, it's anyone's guess why one spouse will demand ownership of a certain item. Sometimes what seems to be clear cut property division, turns into a battle of the wills. When something of yours becomes the object of obsession for your soon-to-be ex, how do you put a stop to it and get what you really want? Well, for lack of a better term, you lawyer up.

Grandparents have a say

A child's life is forever impacted during a divorce. Their world is turned upside down, and their relationship with parents, grandparents, extended family and friends may suffer. In many cases, the second strongest connection a child has to his or her family is to grandparents. After a divorce, it is crucial to keep family connections strong. When it comes to child custody in Texas, grandparents have a say. Among other considerations, the court takes into account the child's relationship to his or her grandparents, and the accessibility to them in a proposed parenting plan.

Fair asset valuation

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you will likely want a fair asset valuation before dividing property. Several aspects go into valuation, especially for couples with a high net worth. For some, the emphasis may be on tangible assets like a business or property, and for others, the emphasis may be on intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, contracts and licenses. Valuation of any asset can be tricky, but intangible assets are particularly so.

Our Family Wizard a useful online tool

If you're divorced and you get along with your ex enough to co-parent then life is good. For many however, even being in the same room with an ex is difficult. It is not uncommon for divorced parents, even years later, to still refuse communication with each other. Fortunately Family Court has started recommending the Our Family Wizard (OFW) online communication tool.

My ex filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, will he still owe alimony?

So your ex has been ordered to pay alimony but has informed you that he or she is filing for bankruptcy, too. Now you're worried alimony owed to you may get discharged along with his or her debts. Well, you'd be glad to know that that is not the case. Like child support and student loans, alimony falls under the exception of items not included in bankruptcy.

Agreed property division in divorce

Many people think of divorce as an ugly battle over the things that were once shared between two people. However, sometimes when individuals mutually agree to end a marriage, there is no battle just an agreed dissolution. Not very often but occasionally, we see couples that agree on the general terms of their divorce but due to the size of their estate or assets, still seek representation.