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November 2015 Archives

Receiving spousal support during divorce

Alimony is one of the most talked about divorce topics ever. Some people agree with it, and some people hate the very idea. Contrary to popular belief, in Texas alimony is not automatic, and while there are many different types of alimony, ordered for many different reasons, one common type that is less well known is spousal support during the divorce process.

Offshore account used to hide marital assets

Alaska is a long way away from Texas yet when it comes to the very rich divorcing; they are not so far apart. Many high asset couples go to great lengths to hide assets from one another when faced with divorce. In a recent article in Forbes magazine, the case of one Alaska man's attempt to hide assets from his ex wife ends in a criminal conviction.

Marital home purchased with gift from in-laws

Some lucky couples receive generous gifts from one of their parents upon matrimony. Often, these gifts go toward the purchase of their marital home. In the unfortunate event that couples find themselves filing for divorce, that generous monetary gift may turn into an arguing point during property division.

Unhealthy diet could be arguing point for custody

Many divorcing couples find new things to disagree with each other on during custody hearings. Sometimes parenting techniques and beliefs that were arguing points during marriage make their way to the courtroom. These things may include issues like diet and exercise. When parents become concerned that their ex's unhealthy lifestyle is impacting their child, they may ask the family court to consider a custody modification.

Can I waive my right to alimony in a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly commonplace in modern society. With more and more people opting to marry later in life and coming to the table with substantial incomes and assets, prenuptials are seen as an additional protection to a person's financial future. As with any type of contract, prenuptials require a certain level of skill and knowledge to be drafted appropriately. There are certain elements to a prenuptial agreement that are optional, required and prohibited. A deviation of the necessary or prohibited elements may render the prenuptial invalid.

Deion Sanders' divorce has lasting effects

The 2013 divorce of NFL broadcaster and former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders from his wife Pilar Sanders may be old news, but the differences that led up to it are long from over. The Dallas Morning News reports that the two are back in court battling even more issues and re-addressing custody.

How do I pay my expenses during divorce?

During divorce proceedings there are certain things that are considered a no-no when it comes to marital assets. Hiding money, emptying accounts and selling property are things that can get divorcing spouses into trouble. While the consequences of these big financial moves are usually pretty well understood among divorcing couples, there are some minor financial needs that are somewhat confusing.

Texas mother fights to keep children after drowning

It is unfathomable to think of any parent hurting their child. When accidents cause injury or death to children, the parents may be considered negligent and held responsible. While struggling with loss and guilt over the accident, parents may also struggle with maintaining custody of their surviving children. For one Texas mother, the accidental drowning of three of her children leaves her an emotional wreck and fighting for custody of her surviving two.