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December 2015 Archives

Can I file for alimony pendente lite?

Alimony pendente lite, or APL for short, is the term given to a type of temporary alimony support. This type of spousal support includes a certain amount that is used to cover the cost of the divorce itself. The pendente part of APL goes to describe the temporary manner in which this spousal support is paid. It is essentially an alimony payment made for the duration of the divorce proceeding.

A marital property checklist may be useful

The divorce process can be complex and confusing. For individuals going through a high asset divorce, property division can be one of the most complex aspects of the entire process. While every divorce represents some type of financial concern to the parties involved, a high asset divorce may represent a significantly greater concern.

What is the full faith and credit custody law?

As any divorced parent knows, family law is a complex and often confusing area of law. Each state has their own laws regarding divorce and child custody. However, in order for states to be consistent with respect to custody laws and to make it easier to enforce them, there is a law called the full faith and credit law. This law requires that every state enforces the custody arrangements made by a child's home state. By doing so, parents with questions regarding out-of-state custody issues can relax knowing that custody orders and their enforcement are nearly universal.

Can I recoup marital waste from my spouse's affair?

Marital waste is the product of a spouse's intentional efforts to waste or spend marital assets. Marital waste can come in all forms including money spent on affairs, gambling or even poor business decisions. One spouse may wish to recoup the assets wasted by the other during the divorce process. To do so, they will likely need to show that the marital waste was substantial enough to make an impact on the divorce settlement.

Is alimony considered taxable income?

Alimony is a funny thing. Typically the person paying it hates the very idea of it and the person receiving it loves that it's still around. While the tables have turned and alimony is no longer just an ex?husband to ex-wife transaction, other aspects have also changed. Alimony is not automatic, not forever and isn't affected by fault. One thing that has remained steady throughout time is the tax implication that alimony has on both parties involved.

Texas father desperate for son's return from Brazil

It is an all too familiar feeling for divorced parents when they agree to allow one parent to take their child out of state or out of the country for a trip. Worry and anticipation for their child's safe return is usually the focus of emotions whenever there is a concern of abduction. As CBS News reports, one Texas father is desperately fighting for his son's return after being unlawfully kept in Brazil.