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February 2016 Archives

How should we negotiate summer vacations?

For most children, time off from school consists of sleeping in, hanging out with friends and going on family vacations. These aspects of summer vacation should not be different for children of divorced parents. When considering your summer schedule, negotiating your way through scheduling vacations may help give your child their best summer ever.

Dividing your business in divorce

Many couples begin the divorce process with some misconceptions about property division. In most cases, property division is a pretty straightforward process. However, there are certain aspects of some marriages that can make the process a bit more difficult. Regardless of how informed and confident you feel about the divorce and property division process, it is always best to stay informed of your rights and the law by working with an experienced divorce attorney.

Can a criminal conviction affect parental rights?

Many times a parent's criminal history comes into question when determining or modifying child custody. Whether the issue has been brought to the court's attention by the opposing parent or by the family court itself, there are many different considerations a family court takes when determining if the criminal history will affect parental rights.

High asset divorce may make for serious financial trouble

Couples get divorced every day for a variety of reasons. It should come as no surprise that money is a leading cause of marital discourse. While money may be a contributing factor in many divorces, some spouses may not be aware of any financial issues until after the divorce is filed.

What is considered when calculating spousal support?

It should come as no surprise that spousal support is not as easily calculated as child support. Although both alimony and child support are commonly discussed topics during a divorce, they have little to do with each other and are calculated quite differently. There are several different elements a family court may consider when making this calculation. Staying informed of what these elements are may help when it comes time to discuss spousal support.

Shared custody may be for the best

Contrary to popular belief, shared child custody after divorce may be more beneficial than previously thought. In the last several years there has been a change in the opinions of shared versus sole custody. The historic belief that shared physical custody may impose undue stress on a child is being challenged by researchers.