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March 2016 Archives

Alimony is important to men too

Alimony, commonly known as spousal support, is a court ordered payment from one spouse to the other after divorce. Similar to child support, alimony is designed to bridge the income gap between spouses. Historically, alimony was paid by divorced men to their ex-wives. However, a Supreme Court ruling over 40 years ago brought equality to divorce and made both men and women eligible to be the recipients of spousal support. Despite the fact that alimony equality has been around for nearly half a century, only an estimated 3 percent of alimony recipients are men. With roughly 400,000 divorcees collecting alimony, it may not seem like times have changed after all.

Is my parenting plan still important years after divorce?

During the process of divorce, parents work out the necessary aspects of co-parenting their children through the use of a parenting plan. These plans can be as involved as parents wish them to be. Comprehensive parenting plans can address everything from support and custody to vacation time and holidays. Even though the importance of these agreements is apparent during the process of divorce, keeping a copy handy years after the divorce is also a good idea.

High net worth couples can make mistakes in divorce

Like marriage, divorce too can leave spouses with a heavy financial burden. In fact, all divorces, even the easy ones, have some financial impact on exes. Understandably, high net worth couples involved in high asset divorces experience this impact on an even greater scale. With such a large amount of property, assets and money at stake, any potential mistakes can change the outcome of a high asset divorce substantially. To protect one's self from crippling financial loss, it is important for divorcing couples to avoid the most common of all high asset divorce mistakes.

Who gets the nicer car after divorce?

If you are like most American families, you probably have a vehicle for every licensed driver in your household. In fact, having two vehicles is almost a necessity and somewhat the standard for most married couples. In the event of divorce, however, married couples may be questioning who gets which vehicle. This might make property division quite a bit more difficult than it ought to be. In the event you and your spouse are splitting up, driving away in the nicer vehicle may depend on how solid an argument you make.

Lifestyle as an arguing point for custody

Throughout the course of a divorce, parents argue over few things more than the issue of custody. In fact, concerns regarding an ex-spouse's lifestyle, judgment or decision making are typically brought up more during the discussion of child custody than any other time throughout the process. Although you may not agree with how your ex is living their life, it is important to understand that unless the family court sees it as an issue, it generally isn't.

Are there good reasons to reduce alimony?

As your situation changes, so can your alimony payments. What was once a reasonable amount to pay your ex-spouse, may have recently become a real struggle. Fortunately, the same court that ordered you to pay alimony also recognizes that in certain situations, it may be necessary to reduce it.