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April 2016 Archives

Can we both keep our marital home after divorce?

Dividing marital property during a divorce can be an extremely complex and frustrating process. Occasionally, divorcing spouses make it through this process agreeing to maintain joint ownership of certain assets after the marriage ends. Joint ownership of property after divorce can be applied to the marital home as well. For whatever reason divorcing spouses choose to maintain joint ownership of their home, there are a few important aspects to keep in mind.

High asset divorces and capital gains

The divorce process for high net worth couples is generally more complex and involved than divorces of typical couples. The property division portion of a high asset divorce can open high net worth couples up to significant tax implications. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help these couples identify potential liabilities and draft a plan for limiting their tax exposure.

When visitation just doesn't work

Making it through a divorce is in and of itself an accomplishment. Despite how difficult it was, seeing it through to the end marks the beginning of a new life. For parents, however, this accomplishment comes at a cost, and usually after heavy consideration and much negotiation between one another. When the divorce is all said and done, parents typically have a plan for how the time spent with their children should be divided, called a parenting plan. These plans usually outline most of the need-to-know information about

Is standard of living used when calculating alimony?

Much like marriage, divorce is one part an emotional investment and one part a financial investment. Although these aspects are apparent all throughout a relationship, they come into greater focus during the dissolution of a marriage. Not only does divorce take an incredible emotional toll on spouses, but it is where the depths of financial co-dependency are truly understood.

Short and long-term effects of property division

Deciding how property should be divided during divorce can be an extremely tricky situation. Many times divorcing spouses and their attorneys can work out a settlement agreement that addresses all the aspects of property division. And while settling on property division may help keep the process moving along, some decisions made hastily may not always be in the best interest of spouses. It is important for divorcing spouses when considering property division, to keep in mind both the short and long-term effects of their decisions.

Recovery during and after divorce

Going through a divorce is an extremely emotional experience. Even for the most civil of all separations, divorce changes every aspect of an individual's life. If there are children involved, or the divorcing couple is of high net worth, matters can be made even worse. That is why it is so crucial for divorcing spouses to focus on recovering emotionally, mentally and financially during and after the process.