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March 2017 Archives

Creative solutions for complex divorce issues

One of the first things you need to realize about your divorce is that it isn't like anyone else's divorce. Advice from friends or family members who have been through it can be helpful, but no one else has your unique set of circumstances, reasons, relationships and a whole host of other factors.

Should you still go on vacation before a divorce?

You've been planning your vacation for a year. The tickets are bought, you already asked for time off work and your kids are looking forward to it. Now, though, you and your spouse have been fighting and talking about a divorce. Since you're going to split up, is it still wise to go on the trip?

If you anticipate a custody battle, keep records

Maybe you and your ex started out doing well with your child custody plan right after your divorce. Over the next two years, though, things started to fall apart. You have a lot of concerns, and you think you'll probably wind up back in court, debating what is really best for the child.