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August 2017 Archives

Should I be considering divorce mediation?

Divorce can bring up a lot of tense feelings as you try to figure out the best steps from which to move forward. Doing this in a formal divorce court can sometimes feel overwhelming. Divorce mediation is sometimes a good option when you want to have a safe space in which to negotiate with your former spouse.

Why do Texas courts use the term "conservatorship"?

In Texas, child custody language varies slightly to the language used in many other states. When talking about child custody, Texan courts instead refer to "conservatorship". In the same light, they also name what other states would call a child's custodian as a "conservator". The word "conservatorship" is used to describe the responsibilities as well as the rights that a parent has towards a child when he or she is in a parent's custody.

Finding freedom and peace from a divorce

Going through a divorce is never something you want to do. It is usually a last resort after many attempts to resolve conflicts or reignite the relationship. But while it is a harsh reality overall, it's not all bad. Divorce can often improve the lives of you and your former spouse.

Tips for navigating a high-asset divorce

Divorces can be extremely costly, both emotionally and financially. In the case of high-asset divorces where a lot of financial loss or gain is at stake, a great deal of stress can be mitigated through doing good research, and taking the time to plan strategies logically and rationally.