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November 2017 Archives

Winning back custody of your kids

Parents who lose custody of their children find themselves in desperate situations and may even go to great lengths to get their kids back. In California, a mother who lost custody of her children in a bitter court battle with her former husband found herself in such a situation. When the father was away, she went to his home and took her kids. They have since disappeared, but the police have not given up in their efforts to locate them. Children of the Underground, a loose network specializing in helping parents retrieve their kids in perceived wrongful custody arrangements, helped to get the mother and her children off the grid.

How far would you go to get custody?

How far would you go to get custody of your child? In one recent Texas case reported by U.S. News & World Report, one 34-year old mother (along with her husband and father-in-law), plotted the death of the man who had been awarded custody of their daughter from a previous relationship. According to court records, after the woman stabbed the man to death, she and her father-in-law drove to the victim’s home in Abilene to take the child. Ultimately, the plan failed and the woman was charged with murder, while her accomplices were arrested for conspiracy. 

Advice for dads: navigating the divorce process

One of the most devastating aspects of divorce for fathers can often be the prospect of losing a valuable bond with their children, or the fear of losing custody of them completely. Although such worries are understandable, especially at such a tumultuous time, there should be no reason to fear. If a loving father takes the right approach to the divorce process, there should be no reason why he loses a connection with his children. If anything, the relationship could become stronger as a result.