Access to support that single dads need

Over the years, the percentage of households that consist of single dads rather than two parents or single moms has increased rapidly. But unfortunately, there is often not much support out there for the specific needs of single dads and their children. Because of the traditional scenario of single moms taking full or majority custody of their children, there are a lot of resources out there for mothers. But when it comes to dads, it might feel like the cards are stacked against them, especially when it comes to finding supports and resources.

This blog will provide a brief overview of some useful resources that can provide much-needed support for single dads.

A supporting community

As a single dad, it is vital that you seek out people that you can share experiences with. Otherwise, you will wind up feeling isolated and alone. There will be support groups for single dads near you, so make sure you seek them out and share difficulties with people who can relate.

Low income assistance

Single dads are more likely to live in poverty than fathers who are married, and it is not a surprise when you have to rely on one income to support your kids. Government websites will be able to offer advice about the financial assistance that you will be entitled to.

Female mentors

All children do well when they have both male and female mentors, so it’s a good idea to seek this out for your children too. Speak to female friends or relatives that might be able to provide this guidance for your children.

If you are struggling financially or with custody agreements as a single dad, it’s important to seek trusted legal guidance when raising your concerns.

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