Advocating for Texas fathers

Men in Texas who are undergoing divorces may feel that their rights as fathers are not protected. However, in recent years, courts have more frequently acknowledged fathers’ contributions to their children’s development and operated under the assumption that shared parenting is in the best interests of children. Fathers who assert their rights before judges make custody orders may be able to secure their place in their children’s lives.

Like many fathers, you may believe that your ex-spouse will receive sole custody of your children and that your visitation with your children will be limited. You may have considered not seeking greater involvement in your children’s lives until now. This is a common mistake many fathers make during divorce proceedings that may result in minimal visitation with their children. Once a judge orders a custody arrangement, it is typically difficult to change. Fathers wishing to change a custody order must prove that significant changes have occurred that warrant a revision to the parenting plan.

The attorneys at our firm have years of experience in advocating for fathers in child custody hearings. We focus on your children’s best interests, which we believe includes a healthy, ongoing relationship with both parents after a divorce. We will work to ensure that you know your rights when discussing your parenting plan with your ex-spouse and when you go before a judge in custody hearings.

Our firm’s commitment to protecting the rights of children and their fathers means that our attorneys will take the time to explore options for seeking shared or full custody of children or to seek more time with them during visitation. If you would like more information about how to seek a favorable child custody arrangement, please see our page on fathers’ rights.

Source: Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., “Fathers’ Rights Attorney In Fort Worth“, December 09, 2014