Agreed property division in divorce

Many people think of divorce as an ugly battle over the things that were once shared between two people. However, sometimes when individuals mutually agree to end a marriage, there is no battle just an agreed dissolution. Not very often but occasionally, we see couples that agree on the general terms of their divorce but due to the size of their estate or assets, still seek representation.

When a marriage ends, couples take all the things that they have gathered during their lives together and divide them out. Texas, as a community property state, follows this model in divorces where the division of property is not agreed upon. However, even in the most copacetic agreements some things can be overlooked.

In very large estates or when the divorcing couple has a great number of assets, it can be difficult for individuals to divide assets evenly. Without proper knowledge of what is considered community property and separate property, some things that should not be divided are. Likewise, some divorced couples find out after the fact that they gave up a great deal more than the law would require or are still on the hook for property that should be theirs.

It all boils down to protecting yourself. If you and your soon-to-be ex seem to agree on nearly everything but have a large estate or a great number of assets, a divorce attorney may be able to help. Keeping you informed of your rights and the fair division of property are just a few ways divorce attorneys protect your best interests.