Arguments that often come as a prelude to divorce

Wondering if you and your spouse are getting closer to a divorce? One thing to watch is how much you argue and what you argue about. Some experts note that couples have these arguments before taking the next step and splitting up:

1. One spouse feels that the other one has started to take him or her for granted. This makes the marriage feel very one-sided.

2. One spouse believes that the other has already checked out and is basically done with the marriage, just waiting for it to end. This is when the dream of living “happily ever after” may fall apart.

3. Either spouse is frustrated with the couple’s sex life. Interest may seem to have waned over the years.

4. The couple fights over the kids, with one spouse feeling that the other is trying to turn the kids against him or her. This can also happen during a divorce case, as both parents fight for custody and try to get on the kids’ good side.

5. The couple argues about a breakdown in communication, essentially saying that the other person no longer listens. This can break down the trust in the marriage, even if neither person is really hiding anything.

6. One spouse feels that all fights and arguments have shifted so they’re not really about the original issue. This can often be a sign of poor communication skills. One therapist said that she talked to both people, in some cases, and got stories that were so wildly different that she couldn’t tell if they were even together when the fight started.

If these arguments do lead to divorce, couples in Collin County need to know their legal rights. Critical parts of the divorce process include child custody agreements, alimony payments, child support payments and the division of assets. Find a divorce attorney in Fort Worth.

Source: Huffington Post, “6 Arguments All Couples Have Before They Divorce,” Brittany Wong, accessed Dec. 20, 2016