Assets all divorcing women should know about

When you break it down to its most basic components, getting a divorce is essentially about dividing marital assets. Couples have to come to an agreement regarding the houses, the cars, the bank accounts and even the furniture. However, when it comes to high asset divorce, the splitting of a couple’s marital property equitably can be a real challenge.

Wealthier couples typically have more complex portfolios that can include pensions, stocks, life insurance and retirement accounts to consider. On top of that, they often have property that’s more difficult to divide, including things like classic cars, high dollar wines, antique furniture, coin collections and valuable artwork. Most divorcing women are aware of these kinds of assets, but there are a number of other assets that can be divided in a divorce that women may forget about.

A few of the more important of these include:

  • Any collections your spouse has could be subject to division. Remember to think about things like valuable coins, comic books, stamps and the like.
  • Memberships to country clubs, spas or golf courses can be divided.
  • Previous jobs typically have a fair amount of carried-over benefits.
  • Credit card points programs and air miles can be considered marital property.
  • If you loaned money to someone as a couple, any repaid money can be divided.
  • Any money won from lottery tickets throughout the marriage will count as marital property.

Of course, this list just scratches the surface. An attorney who specializes in high asset divorces can be an invaluable resource as he or she should be able to suss out all available divisible assets.