Avoiding isolation during the first holiday season after divorce

For many in Texas, this Christmas will mark the first holiday season as a newly single person. With so much focus on family during the holidays, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone after a divorce has changed the landscape of one’s family. This can lead to a less-than-joyful season. However, with a degree of planning, those who are newly single can enjoy the holidays.

Perhaps the best way to make the best of the coming weeks is to reframe the manner in which one thinks about this time of year. Trying to recreate traditions and practices that were a central part of one’s holiday celebrations during the marriage is destined to produce a poor result. Instead, individuals should focus on defining what the season means to them, and structuring celebrations that embody those beliefs.

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Another way to make this time of year fulfilling is to reach out to friends and family. The holidays are a time in which special bonds should be celebrated and reinforced, and gathering with loved ones is a great way to feel connected. In fact, some adventurous individuals even throw holiday-themed divorce parties!

For those in Texas who have not yet completed their divorce, there is one way to ensure that the holidays are enjoyable. Make every effort to secure a favorable settlement, whether through litigation, mediation or a collaborative divorce approach. Moving forward with a measure of financial stability makes it easier to enjoy not only the holidays, but every other day in the years ahead.

No matter how the current holiday season pans out, newly divorced spouses should keep in mind that the timeframe immediately following a divorce is full of change and adjustment. The first few holiday seasons may pose a challenge, but each year will bring time and distance, and an increased serenity in being single again after the end of a Texas marriage. Make every effort to remain connected to friends and family throughout the holidays, and rest assured that each year will only get easier.

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