How can you answer whether you are divorce-ready?

While it is a short question, the answer regarding whether you are ready to divorce is undoubtedly complicated. It isn’t just a legal decision. It is an emotional decision for many people. It is a decision the impacts your kids. It is a decision that significantly impacts your finances.

Jeff Landers is a financial advisor who focuses on the financial aspects of divorce. He encourages those who are thinking about filing for divorce to think beyond their emotions and their present feelings. To be truly ready for divorce, he says, certain financial matters need to be secured.

It might sound hard, but it is wise to try to wait to officially file divorce paperwork or tell your spouse about the divorce until you have certain matters in order. If you are so angry, frustrated, sad and overall unhappy in your marriage, the temptation to just get out now is very real. If you can, however, prepare to protect your best interests first.

This means understanding the financial situation of your household and gathering all of the relevant documents that will be used in the divorce process. You will also want to know what your credit score is and try to improve it if necessary before filing the papers. Improving your credit rating will allow you to more easily open more lines of credit that you might need once you are on your own.

If all of your accounts are shared with your spouse, this is a good time to start your own savings account. Set aside as much money in there as possible that you can rely on during the divorce process and after. Choose a financial advisor whom you trust to guide you on how to best create a secure financial life on your own.

You probably do not know the exact paperwork you need to gather in order to prepare for divorce. In order to not miss something and to be as prepared as possible, meet with attorneys, choose the one whom you trust the most and follow their advice. If there are special concerns and circumstances in your divorce situation, be candid about them.

You divorce lawyer will help direct your focus on the issues that are important to your future security while you may still be struggling with some of the emotions that this family change brings up. It is normal to have strong feelings during this time; it is wise to have knowledgeable support around you to balance out the emotions and logistics of the process.