Can social media actually cause you to get divorced?

Social media has largely been celebrated over the last decade. It’s a quick, easy way for people to communicate and connect. It allows them to share information at an incredible rate. Sharing pictures, videos and experiences has never been so common before. It also causes people to get divorced.

A lot of it just stems from jealousy. You may flirt with someone you used to date, for instance, not thinking much about it at all. You’re not serious. However, when your spouse sees the interactions, believes you’re getting ready to cheat — or that you are already — and asks for a divorce. Suddenly, it is a big deal.

When asked, over 10 percent of people claimed that Facebook alone sparked jealousy. Even more than that may be conscious that their actions could lead to divorce, though, as about 33 percent didn’t tell their significant others what their passwords were.

Even so, 25 percent of couples said that Facebook caused fights every single week. That doesn’t mean they were all based around online affairs. Some couples fought about time spent on social media and other such factors. But, it clearly puts strain on the relationship.

Want more proof that social media is heavily involved? Just look at divorce cases that have already happened. According to some reports, 81 percent of lawyers use evidence plucked directly from these online accounts.

Social media has its upsides, but it definitely can push some couples to the edge of divorce. If you’re thinking about splitting up, make sure you know how online evidence may be used when considering child custody, child support, property division, and more.

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