In some cases, divorce is not the answer

It is the rare Texas spouse who has not entertained even a fleeting thought of what their life might be like had they never married. Thinking of divorce is also common during times of marital strife. When the road is rough, many spouses consider whether divorce is the best path forward. Sometimes ending a marriage is the right choice for all involved, but there are other cases in which the relationship can be saved. Knowing how to discriminate between the two is an important but difficult task.

One sign that there is still a great deal of life left in one’s marriage involves the types of thoughts that spouses entertain about divorce. If those thoughts are fleeting and largely unformed, it may be because the thinker has not yet thought through all of the details of a divorce. On the other hand, once a spouse has pondered each and every detail of the end of their marriage, it may be because they have fully given up on the relationship, even if only in their head.

Another sign that the marriage might be saved is when both spouses are willing to try counseling to work through their issues. Therapy can help partners sort through the problems within their marriage, and gain the skills needed to reconnect and strengthen their marriage. In cases in which one’s spouse refuses to go to couples counseling, individual therapy could still offer a great deal of help, especially if the marriage moves toward divorce.

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Divorce is a significant life event, and one that deserves careful consideration. For those who are unsure whether their marriage has reached the end of its course, the best course of action is one that explores every option for reconciliation. In the event that divorce is the best possible choice, Texas spouses who have made that decision with the proper degree of care can move forward in the knowledge that they gave the union every opportunity for success.

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