Child Custody
Family in court with gavel
Many parents fighting for custody of their kids underestimate the intricacies of child custody evaluations. Not only are they time consuming and costly, there is a human component involved—the evaluator—which means custody evaluations are anything but routine. If you’re facing a child custody evaluation, it’s essential to understand the process and find a divorce attorney...
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child holding parents together
Child support is a hot topic for clients at our Fort Worth family law firm. Some parents say that child support guidelines in Texas don’t adequately address their children’s needs. Conversely, other parents tell us their paychecks aren’t big enough to cover child support and the rest of their bills. Are these parents being unreasonable?...
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Family Breaking Apart
This is a common question we hear from parents at our Fort Worth law firm. The answer to this question depends on what the parent believes “full custody” or “sole custody” means because custody isn’t a term used in Texas law. If you’re hoping to get sole custody in Texas, you can expect the family...
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Mommy and baby outside
When it comes to child support, there are two sentiments our Fort Worth family law attorneys hear every day. A person receiving child support says the amount they receive is too low, or a person paying support thinks they’re paying too much. That being said, Chapter 154 of the Texas Family Code is pretty clear...
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Child crying, head in hands, sad
We get it. During child custody disputes, it can be soooooo tempting to speak poorly of the other parent. Both parents may want the child to think they are the better parent—but guess what? Parental alienation is not only damaging to the child, but it’s also likely to backfire on the parent guilty of such...
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Sad child
Parental alienation, words or actions taken in an effort to turn one’s child against the child’s other parent, occurs much too often when couples split. If you’re struggling to “play nice” with your ex in the co-parenting department, think twice. Not only could your attempts at parental alienation negatively affect your possession and visitation rights,...
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Parents arguing in front of child
One of the most common questions parents ask our Fort Worth family law attorneys is, “How can I get a 50/50 possession schedule?” However, before digging into the HOW, it’s important to figure out IF a 50/50 possession schedule (often referred to as 50/50 custody or equal possession) makes sense for both parents, and most...
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Prescription Pills
Alcohol and drug abuse are two of the most common reasons people get divorced. Even worse, along with substance abuse often comes infidelity, gambling problems, child neglect and physical and emotional abuse. While dealing with one or more of these issues, there’s one thing that many people fail to keep an eye on—their money—and that...
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Liquor being poured into glasses
When we ask prospective clients why they want a divorce, alcohol and substance abuse frequently comes up. It’s also one of the most common reasons parents give our Fort Worth law firm when their goal is to limit the other parent’s child custody and visitation rights. If you are afraid of losing your kids OR...
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Single father with his daughter and a pumpkin pie.
Amicably co-parenting is a big challenge for many couples during and after divorce. When you add holidays into the mix—along with all the memories and traditions tied to them—emotions can really run high. Taking proactive steps early in the divorce process is key if you want to avoid holiday co-parenting drama and minimize stress for...
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