Child Custody
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Phone calls, text messages and email – using these forms of technology to communicate with your child is all the rage these days. Especially when you and your child don’t live in the same household anymore because of divorce. For parents in the Lone Star State, the use of virtual visitation  can be included as...
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Marriage may not be for you, but perhaps you and your partner still want to have children. It’s a common occurrence these days among adults, as many are putting off nuptials until they get older, or just aren’t interested in participating in the institution of marriage in general. But say, for example, that things just...
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In Texas, we’re used to hearing some tall tales that have been around so long, they’ve become more fact than fiction. So when it comes to child custody in the Lone Star State, it’s no surprise that a few yarns have been spun. When our Tarrant County, Texas-area clients come to us, they are sometimes...
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Modifications to Child Custody
As a divorced parent, you may have found yourself in this situation – you have a child custody arrangement that is going swimmingly. Your ex is happy with the schedule, you’re happy with the child support, everything is good. Until it’s not. Unexpectedly, things change that cause what was previously a good arrangement to be...
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How Does it Work? Inevitably in all divorces where children are involved, decisions must be made regarding their living situation. When it comes to divorce in Texas, the Lone Star state prefers arrangements that allow children to have a relationship with both parents, also known as “joint custody.” But first and foremost, Texas Child Custody...
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For better or worse, divorces do not happen overnight. It can take several months to move from “divorcing” to “divorced.” During this transition period, you do not stop being a parent, which means you will still have to raise your kids with each other, even though you are living separately. This can be a very...
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When parents are fighting over custody of a child, one might accuse the other of being an unfit parent. This can come with threats to take a child away and promises that the allegedly unfit parent will never see the child again. If you are the person on the receiving end of these threats, then...
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According to recent census figures in the United States, there are more than 2 million adopted children in households in the country. With an increase in awareness about adoption, more and more mothers are considering it as a viable option when they feel they may be able to unable to care for their child either physically, emotionally,...
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The dynamic between divorced or separated parents can be quite volatile, and this can lead to disputes over child custody and visitation. One such dispute that we often hear about is a parent trying to stop another parent from seeing the child. A common reason why parents think they can deny visitation is if a...
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Fighting over custody often takes precedence over just about any other priority for parents. Unfortunately, these battles can be contentious and lengthy, which can create secondary issues that parents also need to resolve in addition to custody. A few issues that parents may struggle with during a custody dispute include job-related problems, travel restrictions and...
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