Collaborative Divorce
Heart Tearing
“That’s grounds for divorce!” is a phrase most Americans are familiar with—whether it’s stated as a serious accusation or tossed out in jest. Yet, few people really know what grounds for divorce means or how it might affect their divorce settlement. Wondering how grounds for divorce might affect your Texas divorce? Here are four important...
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person signing a document
Collaborative divorce—sometimes referred to as “friendly divorce”—has been an option for Texans since 2001. The goal of collaborative divorce is to help couples work out their problems together, in good faith and outside of the courtroom. The collaborative process does work well for some couples, but it isn’t the best option for everyone. Wondering if...
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The word "divorce" written on a roadway
Texas residents considering a divorce may want to make themselves aware of all available options before moving forward with any final decision. A recent article gave several examples of mistakes people often make when going through a divorce. This information could be helpful to those in a similar situation. One suggestion is for a person...
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