Does custody arrangement mesh with school year?

When you have settled your divorce, you might breathe a sigh of relief because the matter is settled. Or is it?

When it comes to divorces involving children, certain family law matters might need to be revisited even after the divorce is finalized. Parents’ schedules change. Kids’ needs change.

With school starting, some parents might feel the need for a custody modification.

School has a direct connection to custody in Texas because of this basic rule: parents can request custody modifications until their kids are out of high school. The exception to this is if a child is already living on his or her own before that point.

When children are in school and one parent has limited access to them, that parent might want to seek some help. For example, if the parent is not allowed based on the custody arrangement to attend school activities or events, he or she might want that to change. A child only plays a school sport for so long; fighting to see them on the field can be worth it.

Maybe a child is struggling and a non-custodial parent sees a need to help take some control over the child’s educational direction. That parent can request a modification in order to be informed about and have some say regarding the child’s schooling.

Does the school year present any difficulties for you, your child and/or your relationship? You might have the option to seek a modification to your family law situation. Discuss your concerns with a divorce lawyer in order to better understand Texas laws and your rights.