Do-it-yourself divorce can have negative outcome

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When considering filing for divorce, many Texas couples look for ways to lower the cost of ending their marriage. For some, do-it-yourself options such as document templates or self-help books seem like attractive choices. However, it is important to realize that divorce is a legal process, and one that requires careful and informed attention to detail. Many who try to complete their divorce on their own find that the eventual cost far exceeds that of hiring a qualified divorce attorney to handle the matter.

Perhaps the primary reason to avoid trying to process one’s own divorce involves the risk of making a serious mistake. While it may seem easy to work out a divorce agreement and file the paperwork with the court, divorce is a legal matter in which parties only get one chance to get it right. If one or both parties forget to cover an important topic, there could be additional strife once the paperwork is filed.

One example lies in the division of assets. While most couples are aware of the assets that they share, many are not as attuned to the fact that property division also includes the division of accumulated debt. A couple has to determine which party will be responsible for which areas of debt and the details of that division must be clearly outlined within the divorce agreement. Failing to complete this step properly can lead to stress and contention between parties, long after the divorce is final.

The desire to save money is understandable, especially when a couple is already fearful of having to adjust to a different budget following a divorce. However, there are a wide range of risks associated with trying to process one’s own divorce and an equal number of financial losses that can result if mistakes are made during that process. In the end, many Texas couples find that the advice and guidance of a qualified divorce attorney in Fort Worth is well worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing that one’s divorce is being handled professionally.

Source: Huffington Post, 5 Reasons That You Need a Divorce Attorney, David Centaro, Sep. 17, 2013