Before You Divorce, Some Candid Advice, Part 1

In many divorce cases, it wasn’t an extreme or dramatic action such as adultery that led to the divorce decision. For a lot of men and women, taking action to end their marriage was the result of deep soul searching.

Our legal team at the Sisemore Law Firm encourages clients to ask themselves some very personal and emotional questions before making the daunting decision to file for divorce. Following are a few questions to ponder, and a subsequent post will continue this conversation with further pre-divorce advice:

Now is a time of reflection and honesty

  • Do you want to divorce at this moment because something just happened and you are angry? Should you wait until you are less emotional and can more easily reason before making this family decision?
  • Do you and your spouse still have real love for each other within your marriage? Are there still common occasions during which you enjoy each other’s company and find happiness in your marriage?
  • Think about what your life would look like if you were divorced. Are you truly relieved by the idea of not being with your spouse? Would the reality of divorce truly make you happier, or is what you really desire is an improvement in your marriage?
  • Could counseling or some other outside resources and help make your marriage happy and healthy? Is it important to you that you feel as though you have tried to repair your relationship before moving forward with divorce?

We completely understand the personal nature of these questions. These are questions that we hope clients will think about before making the decision to take on the legal process of dissolving their marriages. By answering these emotional, difficult questions, clients might feel more confident in their decision to work with a lawyer and create the future they sincerely want or need.