Before you divorce, some candid advice, part 2

In our past post, we posed some important questions we believe men and women who are thinking about divorce should ask themselves and honestly answer before taking on the actual process of divorce. A lawyer might not ask the questions, and you don’t owe him or her your answers.

Rather, we truly encourage the soul-searching before you begin the divorce process. Answering those questions is for you and your future happiness. This post continues a candid conversation and highlights more of the actions we encourage clients to do or not to do before getting a divorce:

Prepare for the process

Talk to your spouse about the divorce. This might sound obvious, but some people will avoid confrontation if they can. Imagine being surprised by divorce papers. You might feel hurt, angry or foolish. If your spouse is not abusive, it can be the respectful thing to do to fill him or her in on your thinking and plan. They might be more likely to cooperate with you during the process.

Look at the financial circumstances of your marriage and as an individual. This information is important for your divorce attorney but also crucial for you. Understanding the assets that are there can better help you visualize what you deserve and have to work with after a divorce.

Stay in the family home if you can safely. Moving out (separating) can make the divorce process more complicated. Hold off on any big decisions like that, at least until you get a trusted family law attorney involved who can clarify the impact of certain big life changes.

When it comes to marriage and divorce, you will hear advice from all directions. Lots of that advice could be good for you; lots of the advice should be ignored. We understand that, overall, clients’ cases are all unique. All advice might not fit all circumstances.

A universally invaluable piece of advice is that you should understand the important basics of divorce law in your state before taking serious action. It couldn’t hurt to get early advice from a Texas divorce lawyer before taking the leap from unhappy marriage to divorce.