Is your divorce a good candidate for mediation process?

Many divorces play out every day in Texas, but they are all uniquely suited for the specific parties. Your divorce doesn’t have to play out like your friend’s, for example.

Why? Because every relationship (even though a marriage is coming to an end) is different. Maybe you and your soon-to-be ex get along; you just know that marriage isn’t best for you anymore. Sharing respect for one another is one reason why choosing mediation for your divorce might be beneficial.

According to the American Bar Association, as well as in our experience, mediation can be a positive option for couples in Fort Worth. If the two parties can work together well without becoming too hostile, choosing to stay outside of the courtroom can be good for the family and the overall outcome of their divorce.

Do you have children from your marriage? Are you concerned that your divorce could negatively impact them and the stress levels in your household? Parents with these concerns who truly believe that they can cooperate with their ex during mediation often find that their kids well-being is better for it.

Both sides in a divorce will have their individual representation for mediation. The divorce lawyer you choose should evaluate your specific family situation thoroughly and honestly guide you. Mediation might be the best choice, but it can also be an unrealistic route to try in some circumstances.

Talk to a trusted attorney to form a clear idea of what you need from your divorce and how you and your unique family can best navigate that process.