Divorce in mid-life can be challenging but also freeing

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The author of this Huffington Post article on divorce is a writer and mother of three who made the agonizing decision to divorce her husband and move on right at the time when she turned 50. These critical life decisions are faced by Texas residents and others all the time. The author ultimately concludes that getting a divorce at that age was a freeing experience. She had struggled for years with the devastating impact of her husband’s drinking problem to no avail and finally decided to make a decisive life-changing move.

Although she had run her own business for years and supported herself and the children, the first thoughts were somewhat frightful ideas of being out on her own with no one to fall back on. At the same time, she felt a release from the burdens of indecision that had been ongoing for years. There were, however, some initial agonizing times with the adjustment of the children.

The communications were strained and awkward in the beginning. Attempts to have sit-down talks were disastrous. One of her kids needed emotional counseling to get over the rough edges and another one used his mother as the scapegoat for his anger. But adjustments occurred and time drained the reservoirs of anger.

She found it best not to rush into a new social life of dating, especially with the presence of her teenage children. But friendships came over time. She increased her spiritual awareness and found that the internal center that allowed her to move forward with courage and grace. She now experiences great relationships with her two kids who are both in college.

She does exercise and enjoys good nutrition, friendships, reading and more. She found that with the right focus and a little effort she was able to move on from the survival mode to the enjoying life mode. For those contemplating divorce in middle age, whether they reside in Texas or elsewhere, the message is an encouraging and positive one.

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Source: Huffington Post, Why I Divorced My Husband Right Before My 50th Birthday, No author, Oct. 23, 2013