Divorce story: ‘I loved someone else’

If you are reading this family law blog post, it is likely that you are contemplating or already in the process of divorce. The Guardian is publishing a series of people’s stories about when they knew it was time for a divorce. Their stories vary.

Your story is undoubtedly uniquely yours. Maybe you are like one subject in the series whose decision basically came down to this confession: “…I loved someone else.” This can be a hard truth to admit to oneself and even harder to admit to your spouse.

The woman’s story is her own, but there are likely others out there who can relate to her emotional circumstances. She and her ex-husband met and fell in love while they were young. They got married with relatively little relationship experience. When life grew and they moved from one goal to the next, a romantic opportunity arose.

A lot of life, changes and growth happens in people’s twenties. In this case, a work relationship grew into a romantic relationship. That romance grew into a new love for the woman. She chose to not deny that truth and told her husband.

The Guardian piece doesn’t detail the specifics of the woman’s life now. Is she with the new love? Is she single now and experiencing life like she couldn’t before?

Just as everyone’s reason to divorce is different, life after divorce varies from person to person. If you choose to end your marriage, how do you want your life be afterward? Talk to a divorce lawyer about your goals and they can discuss how to best chase them.