When an employment setback causes a parent’s income to drop

Sadly, individuals sometimes experience a major setback when it comes to their employment. Sometimes, this setback takes the form of a pay cut or being moved to a job with a lower pay rate. Sometimes, this income drop is the outright loss of one’s job, through things such as layoffs. Employment setbacks can be particularly common in times of economic uncertainty/turmoil.

Employment setbacks can have major impacts on the amount of income a person brings in. A reduction in income due to an employment setback can affect a person in many different ways.

When a person who has experienced an employment income drop is a divorced or separated parent, such an income reduction may lead to them facing child support difficulties. For a non-custodial parent with a child support obligation, an income reduction could make it more difficult for them to make payments at the currently set level. For a custodial parent who receives child support payments, an income reduction could make meeting all of their child’s financial needs with the payments at their current level more difficult.

An income reduction on its own is distressing enough. Add child support difficulties to the mix and a person can be quite worried. Parents in such a situation may wonder what they can do.

One option a Texas parent who is experiencing child support difficulties due to an income reduction may have is to make a request to a court for the child support order to be modified to reflect the income change.

The goal of child support modification proceedings is to get a child support arrangement set at a level that is fair and which accurately reflects the current circumstances. One thing that can play a major role in what is a fair child support arrangement is what the respective financial situations of the two parents are. Thus, in child support modification cases connected to a change in income, one thing that can be very important is having an accurate picture of what the income levels of the two parents actually are.

Our firm understands how important having accurate income data can be in child support modification cases and can turn our knowledge and resources towards helping our clients get the accurate information they need to make their case. For more information on the ways we can help Texans who are pursuing a child support modification, see our change of income page.