Fathers’ rights, a real issue for any man, including Pitt

This is not a celebrity divorce post. Rather, it is an informational post for any father out there who believes his rights as a parent are at-risk.

As our prior post about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce says, media reports claim that Jolie filed to divorce Pitt because of his alleged behavior toward their children. Allegations suggest that Pitt might have issues with alcohol, drugs and anger.

All of these accusations could work to limit or even deny Pitt his rights as a father. These kinds of claims can be common (and powerful) in child custody disputes here in Texas, too.

While the well-being of the children involved in any family law case is paramount, parental rights are undoubtedly worth protecting. Not all allegations that one parent might make about the other are always true. In some cases, a parent might try to hurt their ex through custody and visitation limitations.

Is this the case with Pitt and Jolie? It sounds as though a court will have to determine what is best for the family and — most importantly — what is the healthiest custody arrangement for the couple’s six children.

Unfortunately, fathers often are vilified during the divorce process. Some fathers will simply accept the treatment, whether it is deserved or not. If you are a father and facing the threat of losing your children, know that your parental rights are real.

If you believe you are being misrepresented as a parent, a fathers’ rights lawyer can help try to prove to a court that you add more value to your child’s life than risk. There is hope for your relationship with your kids.