Couple talking about finances

Couples fight about many different things, but a study found that couples who fight about money are more likely to get divorced. The 2013 study by researchers at Kansas State University found that couples who fight more about money have the highest risk of getting divorced compared to couples who fight over other issues.

Financial arguments were found to be more detrimental to a couple’s marriage compared to fighting over children, in-laws and sex. This may be because arguments over finances tend to be longer and more intense, and many couples use harsher language during these arguments, the study reported.

Researchers said that a couple’s amount of income or debt did not change the risk of divorce. Instead, the study found that couples who argue about money early in their marriage are more likely to be less satisfied with their marriage and more likely to get divorced in the future.

Financial issues can create a lot of tension in a marriage so it is not surprising that arguing over money is a top predictor for divorce. Not all divorces are caused by financial arguments but it is still a common theme in many divorce cases.

Couples fighting over money who file for divorce should be aware that the arguments over finances are not likely to end after filing for divorce. Many couples getting divorced have trouble negotiating their divorce settlement, especially when it comes to retirement and savings accounts.

Dividing assets can be a difficult step for many people getting divorced. That is why individuals getting divorced should work with a divorce attorney to discuss how divorce settlement negotiations work and what steps to take to prepare for the divorce proceedings.

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Source: Daily Mail, “Arguing about  money could spell disaster for your marriage: Couples who row about finances are more likely to divorce than those who argue about children or sex,” Katy Winter, July 22, 2013