If you get divorced, odds are best that it happens in January

Obviously, divorces happen all year around, with many going through each and every day. However, if you’re wondering what your raw odds are or when there are the most divorce filings, statistics show that January is the most likely month for a split.

It’s not a small blip, either. Studies have shown that the amount of filings increases by a full third.

Why would one specific month see more filings than others? Though the reasons will differ from one case to the next, as each marriage and divorce has its own set of circumstances, experts do note a number of common reasons.

For one thing, the holidays impact people’s willingness to split up. A string of them run from October to January, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Day. Many are family holidays, times when people get together. Christmas in particular focuses on the “joy of the season.”

Couples who are considering divorce in the fall may not want to be going through with a court case over the holidays. It makes them that much busier during an already busy time of year. If they have kids, the divorce can ruin the holidays for the children. They’d rather grit their teeth, get through the season, and then get divorced in the winter or the spring.

New Year’s Resolutions also work their way into the mix. People are focused on changing for the better. They look back at what they did not like from the previous year and consider how they can change their lives in the upcoming year. Some of them may discover that it’s really their marriage that is making them unhappy. If that’s the change they need to make, they could be more conscious of it in January.

Plus, these resolutions are often self-focused. People may decide they need to focus more on themselves, even if that means cutting ties with a spouse who is holding them back from the life that they want to live.

In a corresponding move, dating sites see an increase near the end of the year. says that registrations from December to February go up by a full 38 percent. Zoosk, a dating app, saying that the amount of people signing up for the app jumps by 26 percent in just two weeks, starting right after Christmas.

Again, all divorces are different and many will happen in the spring, summer and fall. However, as the year moves on toward the holiday season, it gets more and more likely that divorce is coming in January. When you find yourself moving toward a split with your spouse, be sure that you understand all of your legal rights regarding child custody, property division and the like.

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